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Jan 01

A Conscious New Year

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Aloha and Happy New Year! 

We all know people who make resolutions only to break them at 12:02 am (we know I'm talking about all of us! 

So this year, I made no resolutions for anything. I don't see the need in setting 'resolutions' because they don't require any action, just wishing with no work!

So this year I intend to live consciously and with purpose. 

I hear what you're saying, you're saying I'm just substituting one big empty word with another. Not so. Any other year I resolved to lose weight, work out more, not worry so much, stand up for myself, control my anger, etc. and I failed almost all of them immediately because I had wasn't invested in it. They were words to say to make myself feel better about my perceived failures in life, and they did, for a while. But once I realized I was shortchanging myself by not following through with actions, I stepped up my game and went inside to do the work that needed to be done. That's right, it's an inside job! We cannot fix ourselves until we are aware we need fixing. 

Let me repeat that: We can not fix ourselves until we are aware we need fixing

This year I want to be aware and live daily as a whole person, not just bits and pieces here and there. I intend and desire to be totally connected to my source of light and right action. By striving everyday to live consciously by being aware of my emotions, actions, surroundings, spiritual being, and thoughts, and my connection to others. It keeps me aware of wrong action right away and am willing to correct that wrong immediately without ego.

But when I'm not living consciously, I block out the wrong doing and make excuses as to why I behaved that way. I'm not accepting personal responsibility and living a fractured life instead of a whole one. This damages, and sometimes ends, all my relationships and destroys opportunities of growth.

So this year don't worry about the resolutions, the right things to do come naturally when you're living a conscious life. You'll feel and look healthier, talk, walk and eat healthier all because your conscious is at ease and you're going in the right direction using positive actions. No, it's not new age mumbo jumbo, it's fact. When we feel, think and act in a knowing way we come out of the darkness and walk in a knowing way, this is Wisdom.

Let's turn on our light of consciousness so it can guide us on a well lit path to whole living on a daily basis.


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Added by Jswole14

Wow - wish I would of talked to you about this more!
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