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Oct 12

Aloha Mana Everyday!

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The title of our blog, Aloha Mana! was selected because of the power behind it's meaning.

There is power in the breath of the spoken word, (the ha of Aloha) and power comes from Mana, or the spirit of the universe, whatever we choose to call it.

So when we ask with right intentions and perform right actions for things we need, we can be confident we will receive our portion of success and not worry. This is also called Faith and it's a natural law of the Universe.

No, it's not a religious thing, but we are all spiritual beings with wants, needs, desires and energy that influence everything and everyone surrounding us. It's when the wants and desires get in the way of our daily needs that gets us in trouble. Most people don't differentiate between the three, but they are very different with different energies attached. 

Want is defined as 'having a desire to possess something' or to 'lack' something desirable.  

Two words here give away the intentions behind our wants. We want to possess things we desire because we have a feeling of lack in our lives. We don't really need these things, but to obtain them would give a feeling of worth or fulfillment that is short lived. We want more than we can afford or could ever need. Unchecked wants are materialistic in nature and rarely bring satisfaction and usually come with a heavy price, such as debt, obesity, loss, and sometimes addiction. We've all been there with excess in food, drugs, sex, clothes, expensive cars, luxury items, or anything we see advertised in the media that falsely mirrors success in today's society.  

Desire is defined as 'a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen'.

Again we see more want and wishing for things to happen, without the energy of action behind it to make it so. We all 'wish' for things to change, happen or come about when times get tough. And we know in our hearts that action is required, but will only come about when the desire gets so great that we are motivated to do something about it. We must be mindful of our true intentions or desire can lead us to to unsound decisions. Desire is behind many of our world illnesses such as theft, deceit, physical assaults, and more. But not all desire leads to wrong action, it can be a motivator for much good in all of us. Our motives must be honorable to steer our desire onto the appropriate path of action, or desire could get the best of us.

Need is defined as 'required because it is essential or necessary or require some course of action'.

We all NEED shelter, food, clothing, money, love, respect, and a sound mind and body, and the means to acquire these things, but in balance.

  • A safe, affordable place to live -- you only have to look around to see many are being priced out by banks, losing jobs and becoming homeless.
  • Healthy food to eat -- The price of healthy food is unaffordable by many, so learning to grow our own food is essential to meet this need in today's economy.
  • Clothing, -- Prices are high, and quality is low, so it makes sense to shop frugally and recycle or upcycle items we already own.
  • Money  -- Without the ability to earn a living, proper education, familial support, or assistance, money is scarce and people are doing dangerous and desperate things to get it just for basic needs. 
  • Love -- Love and a sense of ease is being replaced by animosity and desperation everyday. We only need to look at the media to see people doing once unthinkable things because they want to be loved so desperately, and to our own communities to see how rapidly 'dis-ease' is spreading in society. Money does not buy love or happiness, it comes from within. When we don't feel worthy, the merry-go-round continues.
  • Respect -- 'To be regarded with esteem'. Unkind criticism, neglect and dishonor can crush one's spirit beyond repair. Respect is not always automatically given, we must earn it by standing up for our right to dignified treatment and give the same respect to others.
  • Sound mind and body --  Worry, fear, addiction, depression, obesity, apathy and despair are our becoming constant companions to many, and it's spreading like wildfire around the world!

With all these unmet needs going on, people are looking outside themselves to feel whole, and getting no answers. Many are losing faith in humanity and themselves, and losing the will to live to see another day. 

It's time to take a good look inside ourselves and see where we place our energies the most.

  • Do we sit around wishing for things to happen without taking any action at all?
  • Do we waste our time, money and energy and then give up with nothing to show for it?
  • Do we allow fear and loathing to cripple us and keep us from the success we deserve?
  • Do we take care of our basic needs first so we can be mentally, physically, and spiritually whole?  
  • Do we accept personal responsibility and reject learned helplessness, or stay stuck in victim mode?

If we want good things to come to us self care is needed daily in all areas of our lives. It's time to get our priorities in check, get out of victim mode to survive and thrive! Start by setting aside a little time each day to do this however you wish. You didn't get there overnight, and it won't be fixed overnight either. Some pray, meditate, get therapy, join a group, read, breathe, walk or exercise. The method is up to each individual, but something must be done or oblivion to all the good life offers sets in and swallows us whole leaving only apathy and despair. I say we and us, because I'm not immune to any of this either. I'm right in the trenches with everyone else working to make each day better than the last.

So let us start today speaking words of power, love, acceptance, and success into our daily lives, as well as to others. Let us take care to always be mindful of the intentions behind the words and requests we speak.  If in doubt, take a deep breath, put one foot in front of the other, take one right step at a time and be thankful for what we have today. We'll get there knowing all our needs are met and our heart is in total alignment with our intentions. Don't forget to pack Faith in whatever or whomever you choose... Every little bit helps!

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