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Community Policies


Are you up to the exciting and memorable challenge of taming a beautiful Hawaiian Rainforest? We know you are! So here are our Community Guidelines to help you find out more about us, what we stand for and how you can be a part of this magnificent journey!

Breathing Aloha is not your typical Volunteer space people first think of when coming to Hawaii. We are NOT smack dab in the middle tourist central, and not a tourist destination or resort with the fancy commercial trappings of tourism and the comforts of Volun-tourism. We are unique in we are surrounded by a 3 acre Ohia and Guava Rainforest working to create a special space for growth naturally and organically in all areas of living.

Take the Jungle Challenge!Unlike other farms you may volunteer at, we offer adventures in Jungle Permaculture, Feminine Entrepreneurship, and Social Missions aimed at building up the local community, while experimenting with a micro community model in an off grid sustainable setting. You will be doing more than growing food, you too will be growing! And of course, our low hour volunteer schedule will allow for plenty of time to travel the island, or go away for the weekends and have a magical Hawaii experience! You rarely get that at other farms.

In order to protect the vision and it's participants, community policies are in place to encourage stability and growth.

While we can't guarantee success and efficiency 100% of the time in policies made by people, we can guarantee that without policies, based on our ethical principles, transparency and fairness to all, we could surely guarantee failure 100% of the time! Each challenge that appears helps to hone our policies better and better every time! We turn failures into fertilizer and keep growing!


Community Basics

COMMUNITY MEMBER: What is meant by the term 'Community Member'?

One becomes a Community Member once accepted into a Volunteer or Training program. We communicate, work and play together to complete a common goal on projects big and small.

COMMUNITY OF INDIVIDUALS: What is a Community of Individuals?

  • We believe in the rights of the individual and we don't require you to give up autonomy to be a Community Member. Your thoughts, time, actions and space are yours as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of the rest of the community.   You may come an go as you please, as long as you complete assigned duties or are on time for a planned project. We don't believe in Micro-Managing community members or Volunteers. It creates resentments and animosity and is also disrespectful of each other. We treat you like you're an adult.

FREE SPEECH: Free Speech and Disagreement We respect the individual and his rights to express thought without restraint, as long as it's respectful in a mature exchange of ideas, and does not cause a stir in the community in a negative way. In the case of a personal disagreement, we ask that you take a heated discussion off the property, minding not to disturb neighbors in the process. If you cannot resolve it, the Director has the right to settle the issue between both parties amicably or by terminating the program of participants.

DATING & SEXUAL HARASSMENT: What if I connect with someone in community, can we date?

  • Of course! You're adults and as long as it's mutually agreeable, have fun! But remember to respect your community members and it don't let 'the honeymoon phase' affect your standing in the community. We strive for transparency, communication and cooperation, and encourage happy community members!
  • Of course, there are moments where the line isn't so easily read when a member is interested in another. Just remember to be respectful of people's physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries. If unwanted advances are given and you communicate you're not interested and they persist, notify a Community Leader or the Director immediately.
  • If you meet someone outside of the property, and your partner become closer and decide to live together then they may interview to be a Fair-Trade Volunteer and come for a tryout week to see how they fit in the community.
  • P.S. Ladies, we support female empowerment. You no longer have to wait for him or her to make the first move! Just make sure to be aware of boundaries. Men have the same rights of respect and consideration as women do.


  • SMOKING: What is the Community Smoking Policy?
  • For your convenience and for the respect of non-smokers, there is a designated smoking area to use near the common space. We ask that smokers be respectful of non-smokers and refrain smoking in other spaces with the exception of the smoking area or your camp space. If you have a roommate, make sure to respect their space if they ask you not to smoke in your living space. Please, no cigarette butts are to be tossed onto the property. Dispose of properly in the designated areas.

ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION: Can I consume alcohol on the premises?

  • Yes, as long as it doesn't cause any member of the community to become uncomfortable in any way. There are people who are peaceful and jovial while enjoying an occasional drink, while others are unable to drink casually without becoming antisocial, belligerent and boisterous. Out of control drunkenness is NEVER allowed and is grounds for immediate termination, no exceptions! It's on an individual case by case basis as long as it's handled maturely and responsibly. Once it becomes an apparent problem for the community, the Director reserves the right to terminate the Fair Trade Volunteer or Trainee program immediately without refund. We believe everyone is personally accountable for their actions and promote personal responsibility in all areas.

MMJ PATIENT: I'm a medical patient and have to take my medications daily. Am I allowed to medicate?

  • Yes. We fully support a patient's rights to alternative legal medications, and we support and advocate for safe access for Hawaii patients. You may medicate in the designated smoking areas or your personal space under the same smoking policy above as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others. 

  • Make sure your product or medical tools are securely stored in your living quarters and never in a public space.

CJ CEO of Security

CHILDREN: Can I volunteer or participate in a program with children?

  • We are a rain forest working farm and an Adult Only Community on undeveloped land not well suited for children to be on the property. Our insurance does not cover children staying on the property.

PETS: What is your Pet Policy? 

  • We've decided for the harmony of the community to limit the live in animals on property to our own. We know many people have pets, but it causes too many emotional and behavioral problems for everyone.

  • QUIET HOURS: What are your quiet hours?

  • Sunday - Thursday 10:30 pm- 8 am
  • Friday & Saturday 11 pm - 9 am


Visitors & Guests


OVERNIGHT GUESTS: Can we have overnight visitors?

  • As of now, we aren't allowing drop ins or unknown visitors until we know the area and the community has roots. We hope you understand our main priority is the security and safety of the Breathing Aloha Community, as well as our surrounding neighbors. Overnight visitors of our current Volunteers after we've gotten to know them are decided on a case by case basis.

DAY VISITORS: Can a friend drop by to visit?

  • At the moment, we aren't allowing drop ins. Please have your friend schedule a time to come visit so we are prepared (animals and humans) for visitors. Just make sure you inform them of community policies so their visit is pleasant for all. This contributes to the harmony of community by being polite and responsible for any messes made. Serious incidents or antisocial behavior requiring ejection from the property will end in banning from the property, as well as possible ejection of the Community Member. 

POTENTIAL VOLUNTEERS: What if I meet a really cool person who I think would be a great asset to the team?

  • If you meet someone interested in Volunteering or any of our training programs off property, (or if you start dating someone and they're interested in Volunteering) and you think they would make great Community Members, direct them to our website so they can read about us, and complete the Community Participant Application Form. The Director will contact them to schedule an interview for a conversation, to determine application status, if space is available. Please don't tell anyone to just drop by, we do not do drop ins.


Security & Personal Safety


SECURITY: Security & Hawaii Police

  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, and tell anyone to leave the property at any time at our discretion. We have a friendly and respectable relationship with the Hawaii Police Department (one of my neighbors is on the force), they support us and we them, and we never hesitate to use them to Serve and Protect our private Community. We are also very active in our subdivision community organizations and we respect our neighbors safety as well.