About Us

E komo mai! Welcome! Mahalo for visiting.

Have you ever wondered what living off grid in a tropical rainforest is really like? No fancy reality show hype, but the real low down? 

Well, that’s what I share here. I live a quiet, simple life and it’s nothing fancy, but its heaven.  Many sites make it look so easy. Just show up and survive in Hawaii!

WRONG! That Hawaii really no longer exists for people of a certain age, unless you’re a work trader, and that’s another topic that needs to be delved into, especially if you plan to be a Host. I’ll share some of those crazy adventures here too because reality is stranger than fiction..LOL Having Interns and workers is not for everyone and I’ll share the realities of hosting work traders so you can decide if it’s for you.

So I concentrate on showing you how I  survive, thrive and foster a closer relationship with the a’ina and the community so you can too. She’s not just land, she’s our lifeline and needs special care for the survival of all species.

I’m not talking about just camping in the woods, this is a lot more than that. Yes, this is a lifestyle of minimalism, cultural and environmental awareness, but first and foremost a dedication to mind, body, emotional, and spirit wellness. You know, so you dont go crazy in the woods, because some days you will, but I’ve got your back. That’s true though, not kidding. I’ll prepare you for the nut bags you’ll meet too, haha..and for the great folks with tons of real life Aloha as well.

I was just just coming back off a wellness break because because I needed to disconnect and just breathe, then COVID-19 hit and now the world is taking a breather! It’s something I feel we all needed, but not like this.  I sincerely hope everyone fares well and remains healthy through this crisis.

I also experienced some Mother Nature action from two flash floods washing away all my belongings, twice! One in January, then 4 weeks later in February and I really had to regroup. It really turned my world upside down, but I’m a survivor no matter what, and I’ll share that inside later.

About ‘inside’…  I also look to share my past and present adventures and misadventures, the nuts and bolts of off grid living, how to videos, different types of food plan lifestyles that work best off grid, no fuss recipes, and Hawaiian Plant knowledge as I learn it to lead to a healthier, happier you!

How I Got Here

I came to Hawaii in 2014 to learn to run a Hostel and live a sustainable lifestyle and boy I’ve learned a lot! There was no gardening at the Community, BUT many guests at the Hostel were eager to share their knowledge. So I strive to do the same and pass it forward.

I’m not a professional like many online, I make a lot of mistakes and they aren’t all pretty..lol, but there’s a lot of life lived and enjoyed.  I’m just living a new lifestyle choice out of necessity, and maybe some of you are looking to do the same for whatever reason. So, If you are curious and want to broaden your horizons into a raw and genuinely healthier, off grid Tropical organic lifestyle, I’m here to share what I’m doing and learning.

There are no egos here only Friends With Aloha! So no worries just come on in, let’s ‘talk story’ like Ohana because you’ve been hānai’d! That’s adopted as family in Hawaiian language.

Your comments or questions are of course always encouraged and  welcome.

Mahalo nui!

Susan Peters-Chesley