E komo mai! Welcome to our site! Mahalo you for visiting.

This site was really built with you in mind as a beginner gardener of organic foods who want to save their money and the environment too.  I will also share different types of food lifestyles, recipes, and Hawaiian Plant knowledge that lead to a healthier you!

I came to Hawaii in 2014 to learn to live a sustainable lifestyle and boy I’ve learned a lot! There was no gardening at the Community, BUT many guests at the Hostel were eager to share their knowledge. So I’m giving back and doing the same!

I’m not a professional like many, but I love learning new things and sharing with others. If you are curious and want to broaden your horizons into a healthier organic lifestyle, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned.

There are no egos here only Friends With Aloha! So no worries just come on in and let’s be Ohana!

Check out the blog and Facebook page for new Challenges. Right now there’s a 21 Day Intro Organic Gardening free course on the facebook page. I hope you will find it useful and go on to have a bountiful garden and life!

Your comments or questions are of course always encouraged and  welcome.

Mahalo nui!


Susan Peters-Chesley