E Komo Mai! Welcome!

Aloha has always been defined as a greeting of hello, goodbye, or love but that’s just the tip of it.

Those who live here understand it goes much deeper than a few simplistic words.

The Hawaiian culture is steeped in honor, respect, compassion, love, and a deep connection to the land (aina), self and others.

The direct translation from Hawaiian to English is the presence of divine breath. The Hawaiian word alo is presence, front and face, and ha is breath.

That is how locals greeted one another, breath to breath. When foreigners came they didn’t understand and wouldn’t use this greeting. Hence came the word haole, one without breath.

Without the breath of life, there is no connection to others or the a’ina (land).

It’s those who live with a closed heart and concentrate on self, money, power, or prestige who do not understand the spirit of Aloha.

We greet you with open arms, heart, and hands in love, compassion and acceptance. We honor you, the a’ina, for feeding and clothing us, and it’s people and promise to care for it all with all we have.

We invite you to partake here as we breathe through our journey of life together in aloha, and dedicate ourselves to preserving the love of life and the a’ina for our future Ohanas.

Mahalo nui loa,

Susan Chesley, Founder

It’s Our Kuleana..our responsibility